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I’m ready, willing, and available to be your next listing specialist in Andover. I'm Cathy Breitbach, and I have the experience necessary to make your experience selling a home more enjoyable than it's ever been before. Let me help you through every step of this often-stressful endeavor. I'll have you out of that house and moving on with your life in no time.

As your listing specialist, I vow to do anything that will help your cause. That means I’ll help you find the value of your home and price it accurately, and that I’ll protect you from buyers and buyer’s agents who want to rob you of your well-deserved return. You made this investment, and I believe you deserve to benefit from it. Let me get you to that point.

Andover is a beautiful city with all the modern amenities one could need. I'll highlight all of this and more to your buyers to make them fall in love with your home. I want them sufficiently enthralled by your place that they feel they simply must make a competitive offer. I'm ready to negotiate them up and make sure they act quickly.

I want to be your listing specialist in Andover because I know I can be the right person for the job. Come to me today so we can come together and make your housing goals real. No more waiting or planning or hoping – let's make this happen.

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